Why I switched from fujifilmxt-2 to the sony A7RIII

You probably saw in my stories that I bought the new sony a7R III after shooting with my fujifilm XT2 for two years. I made this decision, first of all because it was more than a dream to move to a full frame and I dreamed of being able to shoot with low light, or against the light... But let me explain to you...

In fact, it all depends on how you use it, an APS-C is easy to use, the fujifilm even allows a super full automatic mode that is easy for a beginner. It allows you to have a really good image quality with its 24.3mpx, the integrated screen is a nice rendering. It's very easy to use, the wifi camera remote with your smartphone app is very useful and smart. I really fell in love with my fujifilm. I really recommend it to everyone who wants to start a career in social media, content creation or just photography.

Then why did I switch from fujifilm to sony?

The big reason, I wanted to go even further in my photography work. I really took my job as a passion and for me, editing and taking pictures has really become something I love. I can spend hours and hours editing my photos with Lightroom and I can spend hours and hours making a picture of myself with the perfect frame and the perfect light.

In short, the switch to full frame has really helped me go beyond the limit I had, and I wanted to show you here an example of what I can do with full frame and not with APS-C.

This picture was taken by my friend John Fornander, with his sony A7RII full frame, the picture must have been underexposed enough to keep the details despite the light behind me (because backlit).

I'm really sad that I don't have the picture in Raw to show you the before and after, but believe me, the picture is very dark. The advantage with the full frame is that you'll have much easier to bring up the lights and so keep the details of my face and the sky at the same time. Which the Aps-c won't be able to do. What will happen with the APS-C is that when you bright it up, my face will have a lot of grain and won't be sharp at all.

Another advantage, the pixels!

A huge difference and that for me it's super important, it's the pixels ! It takes pictures at 42 mpx! which is a lot more than fujifilm. This is very useful to be able to grow in your photos. Because of the instagram format, your photos taken in vertical will have to be recarded, no problem with sony, you will keep an incredible sharpness. I like to aim for quality in my work, some people like authenticity with smartphone pictures, I'm rather artistic, each to his own thing.

Which Lens to use?

Here it's really a question of what you're going to do with it, I'm really happy with my 35mm f1.8 from Sony and I don't think I'm going to change for a while.

Attention ! those who use an APS-C, don't forget that a 35mm will be worth a 50mm. It's also a mistake I made with my fujifilm, I went with a 35mm and I was working with the wrong lens for what I wanted to create.

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