Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I recently received the new Mercedes-Benz CLA coupe from this year 2020,

I'm so happy to be able to drive it and test drive its technologies .

A great design, a sporty look but more than that...

The car parks itself, you can talk to it, screens everywhere and a touch pad!

You are a lot to answer my stories about my new car and I understand you, so today I'm writing an article about it to share my experience.

The park assist, just crazy !

So if you're already a driver of a recent mercedes, you're probably not surprised by this technology, because I already had this technology in my previous car (the A-Class). So it's exactly the same technology. You put the button in seat search mode, you drive close to an empty seat and there you get a signal that the car has detected an empty seat the size of your car. What could be simpler?

It will then ask you to accept and you will have to let it do so. But what if she doesn't think it's right?!

Don't bother! Even though you'll be scared the first few times, it's only the first few times. The Mercedes will park the car for you without touching the others. No stress!

Interior design & the voice control, crazyyy !

The interior screens are incredible, tactile and controllable with the touch pad. It's like a giant smartphone. The interior design has everything of a hyper-connected new generation, making your life much simpler. I love using voice command, which actually allows you to give orders to your car. It all starts with a "Hello Mercedes!" and there she is, answering "yes please?" And then you say something "It's cold" and there she goes "yes, I'm setting the temperature to 23 degrees." If that's not fantastic...

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