Marbella, summer 2020 with the team.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Hey guys, I'm back in Sweden after a week of content creation with my team. It was fun, but we've been very active. Thanks again to Jerome Degiovanni and John Fornander. This year is really strange, a lot of changes, the rules are harder now that COVID is running in Spain.

Before our trip, the situation was ok, there were not many cases in the south of Spain yet, it was stable. But it wasn't very reassuring, I wanted to plan two weeks with other friends for real "casual vacations" but it didn't go as planned.

We had to wear a mask all the time in the city, it was really boring, but it's a safety issue. The hardest part was walking, it was difficult to breathe and it was particularly hot inside. I don't know exactly how many kilometers we walked during this week but quite a lot. We tried to avoid the popular areas, it was still more pleasant. 😅

The first day, the idea was to "take it easy". Me & Jerome took our flight from Belgium at 6h00 AM and we were very tired, so we decided to spent the afternoon at the beach. John went the day after, this guy was so unlucky, gonna tell you the story... John is living in Kalmar, a small city in Sweden, he was supposed to drive to the airport in Stockholm to take his flight, but it didn't go as planned...Something with his car broke, he went to take it to the garage, then he went to catch his plane. Which was an hour and a half delayed for some technical problems. Then he arrived at the airport (4hours flight from Sweden to malaga) and has been controlled as "feverish" by the new COVID control scan at the Malaga airport. So he was brought in for further testing. It was actually a mistake. He was finally able to join us... believe me, John went to sleep early that day... 😂

back to Fuengirola

We started the week by shooting some content in Fuengirola, there are many great "Spanish" style streets where you can make great pictures, we were so susprised to see that only a photo with a palm tree could give so well with editing ! It was so special & weird feeling to be there. As I have almost lived there for two years with my girlfriend, "before the covid time". I actually missed this place so much and it felts so good to be back there. I like the south of Spain very much, it's a lot of memories for me. I know the place very well and I feel very comfortable there. The palm trees, the beaches, the mountains, the sun, the smell of the restaurants, the different noises that characterize this region of Spain...

and then, Puerto banus

Okey, so after two days in Fuengirola, Puerto Banus was the second place, famous & luxury marina in Marbella, It was nice and warm, we were suffocating in our masks. If you go through Marbella, you have to go to Puerto Banus, it is a place to see. Beautiful yachts, good restaurants, beautiful sports cars. This is what makes the charm of this place. We went there because Puerto Banus was celebrating its 50th anniversary and decided to do a small promotion of the port by choosing Influencers who could represent the port. I am one of them. We made some awesome pictures but the sun was very high. So it was very exhausting but we made it, we finally finish the shooting with an amazing burger at the Jack Smoke house, Trust me it was amazing!! Probably one of the best burger I ever ate in my life!!

Nerja, paradise beach.

We really wanted some shots at the beach, and we wanted a place more heavenly place, more special than the super tourist beaches of Marbella. And I remembered a crazy place I used to go with my girlfriend when we were in Spain. It's called Nerja, we still had to find the exact place, it took us a little while, and I was surprised that the place was becoming more and more popular. It's a pity!

Puro Beach.

Puro beach is probably one of my favorite beach clubs, if you want to chill out in a nice big pool with your friends under a background of lounge music, this is the perfect place.

Located at the Laguna village, between Marbella and Estepona.

However the place caught fire just before I wrote this post. We don't know the real source of the fire. It's very sad indeed. I really hope that Puro beach will reopen soon. We had so much fun!

After this sunny vacation in Marbella, John went back to Sweden, Jerome to Belgium and I stayed 5 more days. But the situation quickly degenerated in Spain with the Covid and so I went back to Sweden.

The summer of 2021 will be even better I know it! 😁✌️

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