How I wear a blazer and look casual.

Many of you are wondering how to have a casual look while wearing a suit or blazer and not look too "smart, work, business". I'll tell you here how I combine my blazers to make them more casual.

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First of all, I think it's important for everyone to choose a blazer that suits them, both in terms of cut and colors. I really like shades of beige, or navy blue or light grey. You can also opt for "carrot crop" pants I love, which means that they are shorter and fall over the calves. So you can combine them with moccasins or low shoes, no problem.

The white T-shirt, your best casual friend !

Have you ever looked too serious in a white shirt?

A white t-shirt will be your tool here, easy to wear, there are tons of different fits, choose the right one and combine with your suit/blazer” Whether it's grey, beige, black, blue, white fits with all colours.

In the pants or out?

I advise you to take a size not too small, so you can put it in the pants, which will give you a more dressy look but not too serious and you will be able to do it again.

What about the turtleneck ?

What if it's cold outside, cold enough that you can't wear a shirt under your blazer?

No problem, the turtle is here ! Wearing a turtleneck will make you a little bit "smart" but not too much, but here pay attention to the colors, because it is important to choose the right combination. As it's not white.

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don't forget to take a look at my "blazers" looks often present on my instagram profile and don't hesitate to ask me questions.

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