Fons, a culinary experience.

Today I wanted to talk to you about Fons, one of my favourite restaurants located in Estepona, near Marbella. I discovered this place during a shooting with José Bell @Socialmarbella. The place surprised me directly, being really beautiful, with its three fountains in the center, hence the name "Fons" fountain in Latin. Very cosy, pure Mediterranean style, Fons will be your favorite night date destination.

I loved the cocktails, and you even have a really cool and cosy little place to drink them, in super classy sofas surrounded by palm trees and you have this wall with the big Fons logo, super photogenic....It's a dream place.

Let's talk about food... I had the best Entrecôte I've ever had in my life, no kidding. For the story, first I chose the Fons burger, which is really yummy. And my girl had the Entrecôte. I first tasted some bite, and finally I ended up finishing it, which is one of my habits. The taste is exceptional, the quality is there, you can feel it. 😋

So since the entrecote was so good, I went back to eat an exceptional seafood dish, judge for yourself! haha

Prices range from 8-15€ for the starter, 15-25€ for the main course, 7€ for dessert.

But I invite you to have a look at the detailed menu here:

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