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Updated: May 25, 2020

Today, I wanted to give you my opinion about the Master & Dynamic headphones I recently received. I got a lot of DM from you guys, glad to see that you are interested about it. In this blog post, I give you my feeling and opinion about this brand that I fell in love with. After trying several new products like the new Sony XH-1000XM noise cancelling headphones or the noise cancelling 700 from Bose, here is what I like best about Master & Dynamic.


I have received my order fairly quickly, a fast delivery within a few working days. A nice box with everything all carefully put in a small pull-case. Nothing to say, everything is carefully presented. The box contain the headphones, headphones pouch, a cord case, a jack cable, micro usb charging cable. The packaging is modern design and pleasant. It makes you want to unbox it quickly and keep the box somewhere.


For me, design is very important for a headphone, it's first of all a technological but it must also have style, reflect your personality, not be too extravagant but refined. Master & dynamic has really innovated in terms of design, real leather, pleasant to wear. A modern industrial and minimalist design. There are a lot of different colours per model, and the colour tones are really well combined. I have in my possession a black MH40 and a brown MW60. For my personal opinion, i really like both designs very much. The MH40 is more "sporty"and lighter. The MW60 is heavier but more "aesthetic".

-Who is Master & dynamic?

Well, I'm surprised to discover that it's a New York brand launched in 2014, Master & Dynamic is geared towards the creative community and gives a good support to artistic world. Master & Dynamic has partnerships and collaborations with Kevin Durant's Thirty Five Ventures, camera-maker Leica, and Louis Vuitton. The company sponsors the arts program at Harlem Village Academies, a public charter school network in Harlem.

-The master & dynamic technology

Finally, here we are, the most interesting point. The handling of the helmet and its use.

This headset can work with its cable jack or by bluetooth. Technical features including a 3x industry average Bluetooth signal range and a 16-hour rechargeable battery combine with premium materials. The battery is really long-lasting. I probably charged my MW60 three time since I have it.

There are different buttons on different models, the MW60 has a swivel button while the MH40 is a push button. You have also push button to change the volume. In both cases, the bluetooth is very fast to activate and connect, more or less a few seconds. I've never had a problem with bluetooth and that's crazy. I've had a lot of connection problems with my previous headsets, or a sound lag while using an app. On Master & Dynamic, that doesn't happen. The sound is very fluid and good. And that's a very strong point!

They're just too beautiful, I'm going to start a collection. The next one will be the M65! ✌️ The prices are around 300€ - 400€ in Europe. Order yours, you won't be disappointed!

Visit Master & Dynamic for more. #Masterdynamic

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