7 habits to stay in shape during the lockdown.

Updated: May 25, 2020

When we're in lockdown it's hard to stay in shape. We have cravings to eat, to watch a show on Netflix and even an ice cream or chips at the same time. But how do you motivate yourself to stay in shape? I feel really guilty about sitting around and eating badly. So I've made some good resolutions. Remember one thing, you gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn, and vice versa. So, you need to reduce your calorie intake and cut out sugars, or just treat yourself to one dessert a day. The second option is to be active. If your day allows it, go for a powerwalk for 1 hour alone, take at least 5000 steps, you will feel it but it is important for your body to be active at least once a day. This way you will not have to reduce your calorie intake very much.

Here are my own tips:

-Be active

Set daily goal, for exemple, I try to walk 5000 steps every morning, just to be active. If you have a connected watch somewhere home, it's the best moment to wear and use it. I use my Garmin Viveoactive 3 again, so happy with it, it follows my daily steps, calories, activities, gps and other functions...

link : https://buy.garmin.com/fr-BE/BE/p/571520

-Intermittent fasting.

That is, eat for 8 hours and fast for 16 hours. This means that if you eat your last meal of the day at 8pm, you can eat your first meal at 12pm the next day. In other words, it is simply to skip breakfast but to keep it throughout the lockdown. Just like our ancestors used to do when they went hunting. This will boost the growth hormone and allow you to eat more during the 8 hours, and this maintain a better shape.

-Avoid Foods high in starch.

Avoid white pasta, white bread and other starchy foods which are the most processed. Pasta is very rich in calories and carbohydrates, white pasta has a fairly high glycemic index which causes insulin spikes. Basically, pasta will make you fat if you don't exercise. If you really are a pasta fan, then go for wholegrain pasta!

-20 Min HIIT.

A 20-minute HIIT workout in the mornings on an empty stomach.

All you need is 20 intensive minutes in the morning on an empty stomach to boost your metabolism and burn a maximum of fat in the morning. If you have, take bcaa 2:1:1 before and during and a protein shake afterwards.

-Reduce your carbs intake.

Eat less carbs and with a low glycemic index, such as oatmeal, whole grain rice, whole grain bread... Avoid cow's milk and use almond milk with no added sugars. All you need is a few habits to maintain or even take advantage of the lockdown to improve.

-Drink only water or sugar-free drinks.

-Eat every 2 hours.

Eating every 2 hours will allow your body to manage food better, if it doesn't detect starvation, it will stock less fat.

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